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from death to life

Water Baptism is an incredibly important step in the spiritual journey of every Christ-follower. This is a step that Jesus not only commanded his followers to take, but one that he also took himself (Matthew 3:13-17). Baptism is a public display of the change that is taking place in your life after accepting the free gift of salvation. It's a symbol of the death of your old sinful nature and the new life you now have in Christ.

What's the point of baptism?

Baptism is a public declaration that God has redeemed you and that you are now choosing to identify your life with Christ and identify yourself as a part of the body of believers (the Church). While your decision for Christ was likely a private one (even if it occurred in a room full of people), baptism let's everyone else know what God has done! It allows others to celebrate with you and can serve as an encouragement to those who have yet to take that step.

Do you need to be baptized to be saved?

No. While they go hand-in-hand, baptism and salvation (being saved from the power and effects of sin) are two separate occurrences. Salvation is a free gift that you receive by openly declaring with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believing in your heart that he was raised from the dead (Romans 10:9). Baptism is the immediate next step for every person who has put their trust in Jesus and made the decision to follow him.

Can children be baptized?

Yes. However, we believe that a person must be able to understand what baptism is, why they're taking that step and be able to make that decision for themselves. With that said, we do not practice infant baptism.

I was baptized as a baby, should I be baptized again as an adult?

We believe that baptism is a step that we take after choosing to follow Jesus. This is a decision every person needs to make for themselves. Therefore, we do recommend that you take the step to be baptized if you haven't done so since making that decision.

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